Welcome to Always Dancing LLC

Always Dancing is a place dedicated to sharing the love of dance. We strive to offer quality dance instruction with a fun & creative approach. Students are taught in a positive enviroment that helps stimulate creativity, develop coordination & grace and increase self confidence while building lasting friendships.  
Currently we have  5 levels:               
                    Preschool (3-4yrs old)
                    Kindergarten (5-6yrs old)
                    Elementary (7-9yrs old)
                    Jr (10-12yrs old)
                    Teen (13+)
Our Preschool dancers have the opportunity to take:
                    Creative movement
                    Hip Hop Tots
Our Kindergarten dancers can take:
                   Intro to ballet
                   Hip Hop Tots

Our Elementary, Jr and Teen dancers can take:
                   Combo class
                   Speciality classes
                   Or Both, whatever is right for them!

Combo class is a 2 HOUR, 1 DAY A WEEK class consisting of Ballet, Tap & Jazz. Always Dancing believes that this will not only save time through out the week but also create a well rounded, strong foundation dancer.

Our speciality classes:
                  Musical Theatre
These classes are offered seperate from the combo class. Sign up for as much or as little as you like! There are no class requirements to take a specific style. 

Pre-School & Kindergarten Dancers
These classes will introduce dance to our youngest dancers in an age appropriate atmosphere. Dancers will be taught basic beginner technique, gross motor skills and socialization in a dance class atmosphere while giving the students a fun and creative approach to dance.
Dance Style Description

Ballet- Focus on developing technique, placement, body awareness and alignment.

Tap- Working on timing, patterns and rhythyms.

Jazz- Focusing on flexibility, strength and conditioning, isolations, leaps and turns.

Lyrical- An emotional journey through music lyrics, using movement to express the lyrics of a song.
Modern- An interpretive form of dance "throwing away" classical ballet fundamentals and giving way to free movement.

Musical Theatre- Is the study of Broadway dance, song and choreography in both old & new musicals are introduced.

Hula- An ethnic artform using hand movement, hip and foot work to create powerful, meaningful Polyneisan stories.

Hip-Hop- Students will learn how to count music, dance to rhythyms, isolations of the body and distinctive hip-hop moves using age appropritate hip-hop music.

*Pointe- By invitation only, If your between the ages of 11-18 and are interested please contact the studio.

Student Placement

At Always Dancing, class placement is based on age and age alone. This is a transitional year for our teaching staff due to this being our first year in business. To best serve the dancers and to give our teachers time to get to know each dancers unique abilities, there will be NO moving up out of your specific age level THIS year, unless you are given teacher & owner approval!
*Please give us the opportunity to see what each dancer can do this year so that we can better place each dancer next year.*

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