Welcome to Always Dancing LLC - A place to Start, a place to Grow!

I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. I took up dancing back when I was a young kid and have been dancing ever since. I established Always Dancing bc I wanted to continue doing the very thing I love , sharing my knowledge & skills with aspiring dancers. I wanted staff members who believed the same way I do, and I got them! My staff and I are dedicated to each and every child, movitvated to do our BEST every single day in the classroom. We all seek to have pride and respect for the studio I created.



Located at 1000 Carlisle St., 30 Lower Level in

​We have 2 accessible entry doors- upper level next to AAA or in the lower level next to Fishers Auto. 

Teachers & Staff
  1. Phillips@mail.com
    Miss Nikki
  2. Phillips@mail.com
    Miss Sheri
  3. Phillips@mail.com
    Miss Melody
  4. Phillips@mail.com
    Mr. AJ
  5. Phillips@mail.com
    Miss Becca
    Assistant Teacher
  6. Phillips@mail.com
    Miss Stephany
    Office Manager
  7. Phillips@mail.com
    Miss Rachelle
    Event Coordinator
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